Mst.Halima Khatun
Mst.Halima Khatun

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Name: Mst.Halima Khatun

Joined on: 27 June, 2024

Age: 16 years

Blood Group: (Not given)

From: Mymensingh, Bangladesh

College: Gafargaon Govt. College


Mst.Halima Khatun is a dedicated student hailing from Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He's enrolled in CoreDeft ICT, a private program all about Information and Communication Technology (ICT). He started his journey there on 27 June, 2024. Mst.Halima Khatun is really into learning about ICT and he's doing great at it. In addition to his studies, Mst.Halima Khatun is also a student at Gafargaon Govt. College. With his passion for ICT and his dedication to hard work, Mst.Halima Khatun is well on his way to achieving success in the tech world.

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