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Name: Al-Mahfus

Joined on: 27 December, 2023

Age: 18 years

Blood Group: (Not given)

From: Mymensingh, Bangladesh

College: Gafargaon Govt. College


Al-Mahfus is a dedicated student hailing from Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He's enrolled in CoreDeft ICT, a private program all about Information and Communication Technology (ICT). He started his journey there on 27 December, 2023. Al-Mahfus is really into learning about ICT and he's doing great at it. In addition to his studies, Al-Mahfus is also a student at Gafargaon Govt. College. With his passion for ICT and his dedication to hard work, Al-Mahfus is well on his way to achieving success in the tech world.

Last Active : 4 months ago

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